Body Solid Multigym - Leverage Freeweight Gym Body Solid Leverage Multigym(freeweight)
Body Solid Leverage Multigym
Body Solid Leverage Multigym

Body Solid Freeweight Leverage Gym with Squat Station

Body Solid SBL460 multi-station leverage home gym. FREE DELIVERY*

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Leverage Home Gym from Bodysolid - Brought to you by Gym Ratz.

Body Solid Freeweight Leverage Gym - PowerLift SBL460

Body Solid's Leverage Home Gym offers great build and proves very comfortable. Each leverage exercise station moves fluidly on pivot points utilising commercial-grade pillow block bearings and oversized bronze bushings. The PowerLift Free Weight Leverage Gym provides a multitude of exercises, so many in fact that we've listed them in a seperate paragraph, see foot of page. Body Solid's Leverage gym is backed by their In-Home lifetime warranty on everything; pads, pulleys, cables, frame. You name it - it's all covered.

Provided you've got the space, Body Solid's Leverage Home Gym provides great flexibility and ease of use for the toughest of trainers. From reading the GymRatZ site you'll be aware that we're freeweight stallworts and always suggest one of our packages above anything else. Leverage equipment has their place and indeed, for ceratin exercises, they offer a nice variation. However, for a home gym of this scale I'm guessing this would provide your entire gym and I, Matt, personally wouldn't like to train on leverage equipment alone.

Verdict: As far as leverage machines go this is fantastic! If you're undecided about what you want give us a call on 0117 982 3397.

Exercise Options: Bench Press; Incline Press; Decline Press; Converging Chest Press; Converging Incline Press; Converging Decline Press; Pec Fly; Incline Pec Fly; Decline Pec Fly; Pullover; Crossover; Bent Over Row; Deadlift; Good Mornings; Chest-Supported Mid-Row; One Arm Row; Frontal Lat Pull Down; Lat Pull Down; High Row; Upright Row; Shrugs; Standing Military Press; Standing Shoulder Press; Incline Front Delt Raise; Seated Shoulder Press; Seated Military Press; Converging Shoulder Press; Reverse Delt Fly; Standing Biceps Curl; Standing Reverse Curl; Preacher Curl; Reverse Preacher Curl; Incline Biceps Curl; Front Wrist Curl; Rear Wrist Curl; Narrow Grip Triceps Press; Lying Triceps Extension; Seated Triceps Extension; Triceps Pressdown; Calf Raise; Squat; Front Squat; Calf Raise; Lunge; Prone Leg Curl; Leg Extension; Leverage Squat; Leverage Calf Raise; Resistance Ab Crunch; Resistance Oblique Crunch

Basic unit (without bench but with squat station) 88.5"H x 115"W (from squat arm to press station) x 110"L (from preacher curl station to lat weight holder).

Bench: 32"H (53" Inclined) x 75"L x 29"W.


Over 47 exercises on one machine.
Over 47 exercises on one machine.
  • *FREE DELIVERY (*Mainland UK)
  • Independent stations mean up to 4 people can use the Leverage Gym at the same time.
  • Professional installation available on request (Price is location/distance based)
  • In Home Lifetime Warranty
  • Freeweight Leverage Gym.
  • Olympic Weights only.
  • Weights not included.

Reference: BS-SBL460 + squat

UPC code: BS-SBL460 + squat

Manufactured by: Body Solid Multigyms

Installation price supplied on request
FREE DELIVERY - To Mailand England & Wales. All other locations to be e-mailed prior to order confirmation.
Ref BS-SBL460 + squat
Description Body Solid Multigym - Leverage Freeweight Gym Body Solid Leverage Multigym(freeweight)

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