Body Solid Multigym G4i + FREE weight stack upgrade to 210lb Body Solid Multrigym G4i (BEST BUY!)
Freedom of movement - Body Solid G4i Multigym
Freedom of movement - Body Solid G4i Multigym

Body Solid G4i Multigym + FREE weight stack upgrade to 210lb.

The New Body Solid G4i multi-station home gym. FREE DELIVERY*

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G4i Home Gym from Body Solid - Brought to you by Gym Ratz.

G4i Iso-Flex™ Gym

WOW - what a bargain! The Body Solid G4i multigym will surely steel sales away from Body Solid's other fantastic multigyms. It offers Iso-Flex™ Press Arm technology at an extremely affordable price. Coupled with the pull-down station and leg ext/curl which are a joy to use. Body Solid needed to come up with something good to replace their ever popular award winning EXM2000 - the G4i is it! The idea of Body Solid's new Iso-Flex™ Independent Press Arm System with 3D Motion™ is to allow you to replicate a freeweight dumbbell workout. Personally, I (Matt) am a freeweight stallwort and believe you can't replicate dumbell work. However, I welcomed the previous introduction by Body Solid of their Bi-Angular™ pressing arm (on some of their other products). Their Iso-Flex™ press arm appears better still - it's a big step in the right direction! Life Fitness have tried another unique(ish) concept with their new G5 multigym, which operates with numerous cables. Subsequently, a multigym isn't the compromise it once was with some of the top machines proving more versatile than a lot of single stations you'd find in gyms. The Iso-Flex™ Independent Press Arm System allows you to perform chest press, incline press, decline press, shoulder press, triceps press and pec fly exercises.
Unique features make this gym a standout in the industry!

Here's what Body Solid have to say:

G4i Iso-Flex™ Gym
Are you looking for a gym with exceptional features that will deliver big results? This gym is it. Tested, proven and confirmed ? it’s the culmination of a decade of technological innovation. The Iso-Flex™ independent press arm system with 3D Motion™ allows you to replicate a free weight dumbbell workout when doing bench press, incline press, decline press, triceps press and pec fly exercises. No other gym in the industry will give you such smooth, fluid, unilateral or bilateral movement in unlimited three-dimensional space with full range of motion.
Why are free weight dumbbell-style workouts better for you? Simple. They work your primary (targeted) muscles as well as your secondary (stabiliser) muscles for more overall strength, coordination, speed and agility. Our independent, three dimensional arms allow you, the user, to exercise with complete freedom of movement and full range of motion with all the benefits of a dumbbell workout and the safety and security of a gym. You will never need a spotter and you never have to worry about dropping the weights.
Unique features make this gym a standout in the industry. The Dual Lat Pull Down station features extra-wide V-groove pulleys and allows full range of motion through unilateral or bilateral movement. Perform one arm lat pulls, alternating lat pulls, crossover lat pulls and deeper lat pulls than on any other gym. The nine-way adjustable pad assures maximum pre-stretch and full range of motion for all size users.
Topped off with a heavy-gauge 2" x 3" steel mainframe with all-4-side welded construction, a 160 Lb. weight stack (expandable to 210 Lbs. -
£49.99 #BSSP50 NOTE: Upgraded FREE by GymRatZ) and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on absolutely
everything... this gym is truly "exceptional".
Light Commercial Warranty, see terms & conditions

Iso-Flex independent press arms with 3D motion gives you unilateral or bilateral three dimensional movement exactly like a dumbbell workout. You have the freedom to change exercises on the fly because you define your movement.
Incredibly smooth and consistent resistance is delivered to each independent Iso-Flex press arm. Perform pressing or pulling motions independently or simultaneously

Iso-Flex™ Motion Chest Press

Lat Pulldown / High Pulley

Seated Row / Low Pulley

Leg Extension / Leg Curl

FREE Weight Stack Upgrade, Lat Bar, Straight Bar, Utility Strap, Instructional DVD, Workout Poster included with purchase.

83"H x 79"L x 40"W


  • *FREE DELIVERY (*Mainland UK)
  • FREE Weight Stack Upgrade
  • Professional installation available on request (Price is location/distance based)

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UPC code: BS-G4i multigym + weight stack

Manufactured by: Body Solid Multigyms

Installation price supplied on request
FREE DELIVERY - To Mailand England & Wales. All other locations to be e-mailed prior to order confirmation.
Ref BS-G4i multigym + weight stack
Description Body Solid Multigym G4i + FREE weight stack upgrade to 210lb Body Solid Multrigym G4i (BEST BUY!)

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